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A Sneak Peek at Iron Guard VR: Classic RTS Demo and Gameplay

Who doesn’t love the challenge of classic real-time strategy games? RTS games have a long history of entertaining us with hours of gameplay. Xlab Digital brings you a classic RTS-based game in VR, now with a public demo on Steam.

Iron Guard VR from Xlab Digital is a sci-fi tower defense game heavily based on classic tower defense games. This RTS game lets you lead your surviving crew members to survival. Find out why terraforming robots rebelled after being sent to this mysterious planet.

What we love about RTS on VR

First off, RTS games let you test your wits in outsmarting and outplaying your opponents. We love combining quick decisions and planning to get an advantage. RTS in VR is twice the fun. Iron Guard VR  is a tower-defense survival game on VR. It gives you a 360 immersive experience with different game modes and styles.

Interesting narrative and classic gameplay

We love amazing storylines. Iron Guard VR was able to set the whole sci-fi theme and narrative well put together. 

The Story

The year is 2232 A.D and the crew of “Avalon” has crash-landed on the planet Akris, while trying to investigate why the earlier drone ship carrying the AI terraformer bots lost contact. Fortunately, the planet is habitable because the terraformer ship and its AI bots have done their job to make “Akris” habitable and sustainable for life.

You are 1st officer Graves. It is up to you to protect the lives of the surviving crew. Defend all and secure resources from the onslaught of the out-of-control terraformer bots.

Use the engineering drone, erect defensive turrets, build various structures and collect resources. You need to survive at all costs to find out what caused the Terraformers to go rogue and not complete the terraformation.

The storyline unfolds through cutscenes and dialogues during the game. It has what a true classic RTS has. It has amazing voice acting and the most memorable and coolest soundtracks. And that's worth the mention. You can listen to Iron Guard OST here.

Explore an unearthly mysterious world and biomes

Discover a fantastic world on a planet that is unknown to us. The mysterious atmosphere and the different biomes where the battles take place will get you hooked. Plus, discover and solve the mystery, as it all makes sense as you progress through the game. Struggle for existence in a familiar yet more exciting world of RTS gaming on VR.

If you're looking for a classic but new virtual reality gaming experience, then Iron Guard VR is a cool game to try

A unique and exciting gameplay experience, Iron Guard is getting set up for a full release this second quarter of 2021. The demo version is now available on Steam.

Follow Iron Guard VR updates on Facebook for more information on this game's development and release. What’s your favorite classic RTS game on VR? Comment down your experience, we’d be happy to hear that!

Thank you for reading!
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