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Celebrities in the Metaverse

Snoop Dogg has recently piqued people's attention towards the metaverse with a new video shot entirely in the virtual world of Sandbox. Why is a growing number of celebrities diving headfirst into the web 3 industry?

What is the Web 3 industry?

The Web 3 industry includes NFTs, cryptocurrency, and metaverse. Web 3 is an internet breakthrough. Why? Because this changes the centralized system on the internet that was used for many many years. Web 3 decentralizes nodes with the help of blockchain technology.

Web 3 changes the next step on the internet with its new data rights, activities, and normal avenue actions becoming the new standard on the internet.

What does it mean for us users? Web 3.0 underlying logic completely changes how users communicate, interact and share content over the internet. The first revolutionary change is making users independent; they can interact even without a central body in the middle. Secondly, while being active on the internet, users do not need to reveal true identities. This anonymity allows them to browse, interact, and discuss without revealing their personal details.

The Metaverse for the stars

Snoop Dogg is one of the most well-known celebrities who has made a splash in the metaverse. The Sandbox, a blockchain-based 3D open-world platform, teamed with the famous rapper last year. In the metaverse, Snoop Dogg built The Snoopverse, his own realm in the metaverse. 

Just like Snoop Dogg, users can buy land inside the metaverse. This is done with the use of cryptocurrencies. A user is reported to have spent $450,000 to buy an NFT property to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbor. 

As the metaverse grows and more interaction, activities, and events are possible, more and more are investing in non-fungible tokens or NFT and cryptocurrency. You can also buy stocks in the metaverse. 

As mentioned above, the metaverse incorporates the Web 3 technology. The metaverse in the future is intended to represent real-world activities and interaction, both for entertainment and business, in the future. 

With celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Sara Sampaio, and others, the metaverse gets more exciting. These famous celebrities get a digital representation of themselves, hold or host events and concerts, and allow fans to buy and sell virtual merchandise for them. 

In The Snoopverse, for example, a digital replica of Snoop Dogg’s mansion was built. 5000 tickets were sold for around $2000 each. Paris Hilton on the other hand has an island built inside the Roblox world where people can visit and raid her closet to buy wardrobe and outfits. 

Whether you're a guest or wish to create your own metaverse world, there's bound to be a place for you in the metaverse. There'll be no shortage of entertainment, but there's also much to see. As the Web 3 sectors develop, so do new investment opportunities.

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