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27 Classic Games We Want To See In VR

We love VR, and often think of how retro games we played as kids could be brought into virtual reality. Often thinking about which one's original gameplay would benefit the most, and which games would be entirely changed with the addition of immersive 3D and motion controllers.

For fun, we started putting together a list of what game releases we would really like to see the most as a VR experience. After a bit of looking around, to my surprise, we found there have been a lot of attempts to bring these old game ideas into the future.

So we put together this list of games from our past that we would love to see in VR, and the closest thing we have to a VR version of them right now.


Why: Who doesn't love being able to look at a 3D city you created.

What we have now:


Why: The cockpit style piloting lends itself perfectly to VR.

What we have now:

Left for Dead

Why: A game for small friend groups to be able to jump on and work together against to escape hordes of zombies sounds like an excellent addition to anyone's VR collection.

What we have now:

Dungeon Keeper

Why: A game where you are an all-seeing entity controlling your minions via a disembodied hand and occasionally possessing one of said minions would really take advantage of the motion controllers.

What we have now:

Black and White / Populous

Why: God games where you interact with the world through a hand of god are perfect for motion controls that VR gives us.

What we have now:

Grand Theft Auto / Red Dead Redemption

Why: GTA is almost a world sim with all you can do, so its natural to want to see such a beautiful environment through an HMD.

What we have now:

Star Wars Rebel Assault / X-Wing

Why: You're not going to find a lot of VR headset owners who wouldn't love to fly one of the many ships of Star Wars.

What we have now:

Strar Wars Rogue One Vr Mission

Company of Heroes

Why: This game gave was unique because of its extreme detail for an RTS, being able to lean in and see that detail closer could only make it more impressive.

What we have now:


Why: Being able to pet and interact with the virtual little creatures would really benefit from the having virtual hands that motion controllers give us.

What we have now:

Bogo Oculus


Why: Sneaking about in the shadows with the ability to physically grab and throw objects would lend itself to modern motion controls.

What we have now:


Why: A text adventure classic. Think of the exploration, puzzles, and lore of the many Zork games.

What we have now:

Magic Carpet

Why: Flying is thrilling in VR. This is a classic game of flying, dragons, and magic.

What we have now:

Tiny Magic Carpet Oculus


Why: Motorcycle racing with it's close to the ground feel and crazy jumps could be insanely fun if pulled off correctly.

What we have now:

King's Quest / Police Quest

Why: Classic adventure puzzle games. With their ambiance, puzzles, and beautiful artistic style, these games would be awesome to experience in person.

What we have now:


Why: A game that was ahead of its time in interaction and physics, VR is the only way something like this could be made now.

What we have now:


Why: This game was awesome when it came out, with awesome level designs that would truly lend themselves to VR.

What we have now: 

Ski Free

Why: Reliving the experiencing of the high-speed skiing while having to avoid an abominable snowman in VR would just be a fun call back to the old Windows game.

What we have now:

Twisted Metal

Why: Imagine experiencing being, Axle, permanently attached to two giant wheels all from an immersive first person view.

What we have now: 


Why: Sometimes it's fun to save a colony of little creates, and sometimes it's fun to lead them to their doom.

What we have now:

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

Why: A puzzle game where you can learn geography and explore the world in immersive 3D space sounds awesome.

What we have now:


Why: One of the first 3D go any direction games. Exploring the tunnels and blasting robots bad guys is a great experience.

What we have now:

4D Boxing

Why: Classic old school boxing game with an awesome career mode. Boxing is a ton of fun in VR and great exercise.

What we have now:

Stunts (1990)

Why: There are lots of driving games that allow for VR but none quite like Stunts with tracks made up of jumps, tunnels and loops with crazy arcade antics. 

What we have now:

This is the end of our list. Do you have any suggestions, or know of any games that fill a niche of one on our list?

Thank you for reading!
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