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Scan Band by Artiphon: Music-making AR Lens for Snapchat

Creating musical videos can be a fun experience using this new music technology. Snap and Artiphon are designing AR music technology together. This is by combining the capabilities of smart musical instruments and Snap’s AR lens in one AR interactive music app.

AR music reinvents how we create music. This time through the Scan Band AR lens for Snapchat. Scan Band by the company Artiphon debuted recently using Augmented Reality AR. Let’s find out more about Scan Band today.

Introducing Augmented Reality AR music

Scan Band is an AR music app available on Snapchat. This app is for creating music videos. It uses a combination of augmented reality (AR) and machine learning. These two technologies convert everyday objects into interactive smart virtual instruments. Which is what this AR app is used for.

The company behind Scan Band is Artiphon. This company is a US-based company that started back in 2011 with the founder CEO Dr. Mike Butera. Artiphon is dedicated to creating smart musical instruments to empower musicians. They are the creators of Orba and INSTRUMENT 1.

Smart musical instruments Orba and other smart musical instruments have changed the way we create music. It gives us more options and tools to create music with. All these contribute to designing music technology not only for musicians. This is also for all consumers who love music. This new breed of musical technologies is amazing. It turns the task of mastering music into something interactive and more fun.

Creating musical videos with Scan Band lens

So how does it work? Scan Band is not your traditional music-making app. The focus is not on creating traditional music. It works for the fun of making music videos out of everyday objects. It inspires your creativity with music. 

Fun and interactive as it should be. The app encourages creativity by creating musical videos throughout any regular day. It uses scannable objects to create virtual music instruments. These musical instruments can be interacted with in a variety of ways. You can scan objects like plants, pets, food, and lots of random objects. You can turn them into a musical instrument.

Here is the technology behind Scan Band’s playful features. 

  • Snap’s scan object recognition technology - The lens scans and identifies real-word objects and transforms them into interactive origami-inspired stickers.
  • Snap’s new AudioML technology - Snap’s own professionally-trained musical ML model. This is the first Snap lens to make use of this technology.

Snapchat lens turns traditional music-making into AR music technology that not only musicians can enjoy

Artiphon has been empowering musicians with their technology to master music. With just the simple touches and some gestures, they can do amazing music. Together with Snap’s lenses, these companies’ work creates something fun and unique. And this musical fun that appeals to everyone.

There are lots of possibilities that these passionate companies can create together. And the AR/VR developers make available a wide range of new technologies for us to enjoy. AR music represents how technology progresses.  It goes beyond the traditional ways we make music.

Scan Band gives us a fresh new experience. It shows how smart virtual instruments can be used creatively. This is to make interesting fun out of everyday life. It also shows how Snap’s AR lens can integrate into new experiences. Have you tried any smart musical instruments yet? Share with us what you think about them. Share with us your thoughts about this new Snap AR lens integration.

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