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Snapchat AR Shopping Tools for the Future

Online shopping has become not just a trend but especially convenient during the pandemic. Many are drawn to try online shopping in recent years because of the ease. Although it has existed in earlier years, today's lifestyles have brought more awareness to shopping in the convenience of our own homes. And new technology has provided the answer to repairing that significant disparity in the purchasing experience between physical shopping and online shopping.

The shoppers’ experience

One of the major advantages of physical shopping is the experience itself. This is probably the only one lacking for online shopping to be more preferred by many. Without being able to see, touch, or try on the products, many meet disappointments after purchasing something online.

Today, augmented reality technology has the potential to alleviate many negative online shopping experiences. Developers have identified significant potential in the capacity of AR technology to merge real-life and virtual goods in real-world environments to provide a better and more engaging shopping experience for customers.

Snapchat’s new AR tools

Snapchat, one of the most well-known companies that have effectively engaged a large number of people in the social scene, is also one of the driving breakthroughs toward the widespread usage of augmented reality. It is no longer just for entertainment, as it was when AR first began. Snapchat has updated many augmented reality tools that could help transform the way people shop.

The following AR tools were announced during the Snap Partner Summit:

  • Dress up - access this tool within the Snapchat app and experience AR Fashion Shopping. Dress Up lets you try on 3D models of real clothing and accessories in real-time from the comfort of your own home. You can try on the clothes for free, without having to pay for them yet. This is currently available on Lens Explorer.
  • Camera Kit for AR Shopping - this is an SDK for retailers to use on their own platforms. This allows their buyers to try on their items such as clothes and accessories. This should work on any apps and iOS and Android devices. 
  • 3D Asset Manager - this is a web content management platform that helps make it easier for brands to make an easier process for their customers’ AR experience. With this AR tool, it will be simpler for them to request, approve, and optimize the 3D models of their products. 
  • AR shopping templates - this is an Adverts Manager solution for making AR Lens ads. To design their own catalog-shopping lenses for the Snapchat app, retailers don't need a technical understanding of how the AR process works. They can simply use this tool to help them design their lens campaign ads. 

According to Snapchat, there are over 250 million users who have used AR shopping lenses. Many believe that now is the ideal time for Snapchat to step up its game as more people discover the value of digitizing their experiences. We are going forward with immersive AR experiences that have practical applications, thanks to all that technology has to offer.

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