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Synth Riders' "Sythtober Fest" Begins

Special Event From the Developers of Synth Riders

The creators of Synth Riders invite all the players to Synthtober Fest, a month-long celebration packed with events, challenges, and valuable prizes.

Synth Riders is a VR freestyle-dance action rhythm game with cross-platform multiplayer and official custom song support. The game officially left Early Access on October 31st, 2019. The developer Kluge Interactive is celebrating this 1st anniversary through the month of "Synthtober," with freebies for players and over $1100 worth of prizes.

Celebrating With A Giveaway

Synthtober Fest kicks off with a Gleam giveaway offering a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2. Those who don't own the game yet can grab it with a 40% discount on the core game, and additional discounts on all DLCs. These discounts will be available until the end of this week only.

During Synthtober Fest, players are invited to join weekly mini-tournaments called Challenges. Each Wednesday, one VR YouTube creator - Eric for President, Naysy, or HeyFalcon - will host their own special Challenge. The creators will mark their scores and invite their fans to try to beat them. A prize pool of $800 awaits the top riders.

Synthtober Program Square

Even More Freebies

Even more treats are coming! Starting October 8th, players can experience a new free song “Cyberpunk,” a special Synth Riders mix by Extra Terra. The game will also get a Quest 2 enhanced upgrade. On October 20th, players can diversify their workout with the Perfect Hit VR Bundle including Synth Riders, Eleven: Table Tennis, and The Thrill of the Fight. Synthtober Fest will conclude with the developers hosting a "Play with the Devs" multiplayer party on Halloween day.

Learn more about the events, competitions, prizes, and more on Synth Riders official festival site: https://synthridersvr.com/fest/

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