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The Axeman And More Revealed In New Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 Footage

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is a VR game that allows you to experience the zombie apocalypse in a whole new way. Chapter 2 of the game introduces a new area in New Orleans to explore, new enemies to fight, and new weapons to use. 

What’s new in Chapter 2: Retribution

Players of this game have surely enjoyed playing the game in VR. The developers think it’s about time to add more to the fun. New gameplay footage of Saints and Sinners: Chapter 2 shows exciting additions below.

New locales

  • Sonny’s Pawn Shop
    Sonny, the "fast-talking wheeler and dealer," runs this location where you can use a sliding door under the counter to update your mission assignments and trade for supplies. Sonny's trading will increase your possibilities for crafting and gathering survival supplies. Expect more recipes and a new crafting table. 
  • A new area of New Orleans
    Explore another side of the undead New Orleans. The famous French Quarter will have tower guards roaming the streets. You will find new items here like a handy laser sight that can be attached to any firearms. This will increase your headshot's accuracy. 

New Weapons

  • Machine gun
  • Chainsaw

A new way to explore undead New Orleans

Now you can walk the Walking Dead world at night and experience more undead adventures. It presents even more daunting tasks and more to loot. There are new tools available for your night adventures like a flashlight and flares. 

A terrifying new foe

The previous chapter teased a new villain, the Axeman. The new enemy which will be the main antagonist of this new chapter is shown in the new footage. 

Slated for release this year

Skydance Interactive is expected to release the next chapter as the undead adventure in New Orleans continues. New challenges and a final showdown with the Axeman are waiting. The latest update sees this game available by late 2022 for Meta Quest, PC VR, and original PS VR.

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