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UNCONTAINED VR: VR In A Container Releases This Summer

Summer is all set for fun-filled experiences in VR. This year, XR Immersive Tech Inc. is bringing us a location-based experience in a 40-foot shipping container. The company garnered media attention for this genius concept last year. Now, it just announced the debut of UNCONTAINED VR featuring a flagship game. Find out more about this unique VR experience in one fun-packed container.

UNCONTAINED VR’s first venue

It will be available this summer, according to a recent announcement by XR Immersive Tech. UNCONTAINED VR will debut at Playland Amusement Park in British Columbia and the annual PNE Fair in Vancouver, Canada on July 7th.  

“As a homegrown Vancouver company, we see the iconic Playland Amusement Park as a perfect fit. Not only is it one of Canada’s oldest and greatest amusement parks, but it’s also a place where we expect to get a lot of feedback from our own extended community. I am excited that UNCONTAINED gets to meet the world in a place so close to my heart. Similarly, I am supremely proud of our team, many of whom call Vancouver their home.”, said CEO Tim Bieber of UNCONTAINED.

Amazing concepts and features

There is more to this experience that is noteworthy, in addition to the brilliant idea of using industrial shipping containers.

UNCONTAINED VR is a commercial VR that is intended to fill in for The Void. This leading name in the location-based VR industry had permanently closed down in 2020. Many others did during the height of the pandemic. These ready-to-go containers are bound to give location-based VR a great start for a big come back. 

UNCONTAINED VR provides the following benefits in addition to being able to be dropped anywhere.

  • Interconnected containers for scalability (for customers with a low venue footprint)
  • Hyper-realistic experiences with a range of content, including VR games, eSports, business training, and music festivals
  • Containers can also be used for pop-up activations
  • Containers can also be customized for brand activations
  • Designed with COVID safety features (UV sanitizing lights etc.)

The Experience

So, what can we expect from this VR experience? The experience utilizes a combination of haptic feedback technology and physical interactions. It’s a plug-and-play multiplayer experience for up to 6 persons. It has advanced physical effects with 5D sensory experience to be enjoyed by families, friends, or colleagues.

Expect the experience to include: 

  • motion capture
  • spatial audio
  • motion floor
  • temperature haptics (heat and cold simulation)

During the launch on their first locations, guests can experience the immersive flagship game with the title Deep Signal. It’s a multiplayer sci-fi game you can now experience in the VR container. Enjoy intergalactic adventure with family and friends. 

UNCONTAINED is paving the future of VR world on location

Future content for UNCONTAINED may be expected after the company's first developed game. The company intends to provide an SDK to enable developers to create content. This will be available via Immersive Tech's shop.

UNCONTAINED VR offers a useful paradigm to develop and revive local-based VR for usage in entertainment and other contexts. It is equipped with every feature necessary to meet the difficulties of the present time. We can expect to see more of UNCONTAINED in the future. One company that has signed a letter of intent for up to 10 UNCONTAINED VR units is Autobahn Indoor Speedway. More are anticipated to come in the near future. 

Learn more about UNCONTAINED VR business opportunities here.

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