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VR Cover Review: Does It Breathe New Life Into A Tired Headset?

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but the foam padding on my Rift started to degrade and detach from the headset.

I attempted to use a cloth cover designed to go over the stock interface and found it to be ineffective. So I’ve had to live with re-sticking the foam back onto the headset before every session. That is when I heard about VR Covers.

VR Cover wasn't the first replacement I tried

Unlike my previous cloth covers, VR Cover replaces the whole facial interface. This includes the removable plastic frame and the thin variant of their foam padding.

The padding that comes with the basic VR Cover kit is foam, wrapped in synthetic leather, and is removable. It attaches to the high-quality Velcro-like strip that lines the plastic frame.

The VR Cover kit also includes a cloth cover that fits much better than one I had used before.

Vr Cover Comparison Oculus Rift Foam
VR Cover Oculus Rift Comparison

I also ordered the velour pads to try out

I also ordered a set of velour foam pads that were separate from the basic kit. The velour set comes with a thin pad similar in thickness to the basic kit, and a thick pad.

My first impressions of the VR Cover kit

My first impression of the basic kit was how well packaged it was. It came in a specially designed plastic clamshell, and everything was entirely secure. You shouldn’t have any fear of the plastic facial interface breaking in transit.

Vr Cover Oculus Rift Pu Pleather
VR Cover Oculus Rift Pleather

After getting the basic kit unpacked, I could tell why VR Cover has such a glowing reputation. The plastic was such high quality; it could have come straight from Oculus. After removing the original interface, the new one clips in with a perfect fit.

Done with the unboxing, on to the build quality

The PU the foam padding is wrapped in is much softer than I expected. The Velcro holds the padding in place reasonably well. The type of Velcro is more sturdy than the standard hook and loop style, so I suspect it will last for a long time.

Vr Cover Oculus Rift Cv1 Synthetic Leather Pu
VR Cover Oculus Rift Synthetic Leather

Something to note, there was an included insert in the package. It stated that care should be taken to not pull on the PU material when removing it from the Velcro, or the PU could rip. This is both a testament to the strength of the Velcro and the suppleness of PU material.

In comparison to the stock foam, the VR cover’s PU covered foam is slightly thinner and rounded. This does mean it offers a bit less padding, but it's quite hard to tell the difference while wearing it. I found the PU material far more comfortable than I expected it would be.

Another comparison, now with the velour pad

In comparison to the velour pad, the PU isn’t quite as soft. However, the PU feels a lot cooler, and when you do sweat on it, it cleans up very easily. This means I will be using it as my primary pad, leaving the velour for VR sessions where I’m not quite so active.

Vr Cover Oculus Rift Cv1 Velour
VR Cover Oculus Rift Velour

Something to not be forgotten is the included cloth cover that can be used with either the PU or velour pad. To use it, take the plastic interface off and secure it using two straps that wrap around the backside.

After it is installed, it is very secure, and even adds a bit of comfort to the PU cover. But since you lose the benefits of easy cleanup and cooler experience, I don’t think I will use it much.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to replace your stock foam for comfort alone, you might get a little benefit. It really could be up to preference, and with the cost, I don’t know if it would be worth it.

If the foam on your VR headset is getting wet after long use or you like to share your headset at parties, I highly recommend the basic kit.

The easy to clean PU leather is an excellent replacement for the stock foam, and your guests will love not putting on a soggy HMD.

get a VR Cover For Your Headset
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